Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Stuck Again...

Well, here I am stuck in my office again for the second night running. Got loads of work to do and even more to plan.
My housemates has been mentioning that I have been going rather late to work these day... =) Perhaps they don't know of my night "shift". Last night was in office till about 1a.m. plus. By that time my hand kena RSI already. Joints aching like mad. Guess it's that time of the year where everyone tries to close off their accounts and poor me being in Procurement have to bear the brunt of the purchases by other Teams. It only goes to show one thing ... and prove it once again... that Malaysians are generally very last minute in doing things. Then again wait, my office has lots of people from other countries like Netherlands, Argentina, New Zealand, US, Belgium, ... and they too are following the trend. BTW, there is something like 27 plus nationalities working in my company here in Cyberjungle... ooppss... Cyberjaya. Quite diverse actually.
Work has been really tough and here I am whining.... =) but I guess the best way to end this posting is to give God thanks. Let's see.....

Thank you God for:

1. Work - something which I know some Malaysians find hard to get. I am just blessed to have
a job.
2. Flexi Hours - for a job that helps me to balance between ministries and my commitments
back here in the office.
3. Healthy Body - Been feeding it a lot of junk lately... ask my FLARE buddies! Need exercise..
Need exercise.... need exercise.....
4. Wonderful friends & family - I've got the best parents in the whole world. Although we are not
rich... what is lacking in money has replaced with love. Could not
ask for more than that. Oh yes, my housemates.... best budds!
Also want to single out Wooi Jin & Kevin Lim for pouring
themselves into my life. Thanks!!
5. Faith - to know that my life is in His hands and that I can constantly look to Him to provide
for all my needs.

I do hope that we will all find the time to thank God for all He's done. OK.. time to go back to the grind.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

All Things New...

Finally got around to creating a blog. Have been putting it off with loads of excuses ;) Anyhow, better late than ever. Where do I begin?

What's with the Lauster bit on the URL?
Well don't really remember how I got this name. I think it was Elliot Koon ( Koonster) that gave me this name many years ago. It has not been very publisized... and I plan to keep it that way!!! Only my older/close friends know this name. I could not use my own name on the URL in Blogspot... so had to use this.

What's different with my Blog?
Well apart from reading it, I plan to do a few things.
Firstly you can win prizes from time to time in my Blog. Most of the prizes will come from my ever so generous souvenir-giving-company. So look out for some cool merchandise in the coming days !!! Will tell you the rest of the plans as we go along.

What's the purpose of this Blog?
Well I believe the primary purpose of this blog is to share about my life and how God plays such an important role in it. It will also help me to keep accountable to my friends... so that my private life is consistent with my public life. Last but not least, it will help me to destress and let others know me and my friends.

That's all for now...